Be A Caring Warrior

Fulfill Your Heroic Potential

Lead with Confidence & Positive Influence

Create High-Performing & Happy Teams

Inspire a Better Organization & World

Own it. Give it. Share it.

AWAKEN Your Inner Warrior

Awaken to YOU. Know what you are fighting for. Stand up. Be More. Own it. Care for you.


Influence others. Connect. Empower. Develop. Motivate. Care to lead.

INSPIRE Your Culture

Inspire action and creativity. Integrate. Collaborate. Innovate. Care for your culture.




“TJ is an exemplary leader-teacher who brings out the best in individual’s and team’s strengths towards the achievement of corporate goals. He inspires insight into how personal and professional growth can lead to corporate success.”

“T.J. is a force… He’s like a personal trainer for our minds and hearts!”

“T.J. is a Unicorn. When I tell people about his leadership style, they don’t believe he’s real.”

“I would recommend T.J. to any organization or individual looking to get to the next level in business… and in life.”

“T.J. is tireless and an incredible motivator and coach. More importantly, he is a wonderful person who has mastered the art of caring.”

“… unparalleled in his ability to motivate and innovate change.”

The Caring Warrior Book

Join the Revolution. Dare to care.

In The Caring Warrior, I seek to awaken and inspire you. I get real about the lack of caring which has led to life and workplace disengagement and a lack of trust and happiness. In The Caring Warrior, I share practical wisdom from twenty-five years in the trenches teaching, coaching, and training leaders. You will learn straightforward answers and approaches that can transform your personal power, the performance of your teams, and the engagement and success of your organizations.

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