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The Caring Warrior

Caring is the heart of leadership

Who is the book for?

  • – Individuals looking for more self-awareness & fulfillment.
  • – Leaders who want to have a more positive influence.
  • – Any organization desiring a happier & higher performance culture

I wrote The Caring Warrior for you, because I am you. I spent twenty years as a corporate sales leader and head of training in top-fifty Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. I had financial success and accolades, but I burned out. My crippling travel schedule away from my wife and four children became physically and emotionally unbearable–I missed too many good night kisses. I was angry, resentful, and depressed.

The many mergers, acquisitions and leadership changes brought me to my bottom. I lost faith in myself and the entire concept of “leadership.” I found too many authority figures selfish and unkind, as though that represented “strength” or acceptable leader behavior. I lost my way not knowing how to be me in the world.

Good news. I rediscovered my best self. I woke up. I realized that my great gift as a teacher, coach and leader is caring. I once thought that made me weak. True success and fulfillment always did and always will come first from self-awareness and self-care. We begin by owning and valuing who we are.

Then, we influence and inspire our families, teams, companies and the world by caring enough to give and share what we have. It is that basic. But it requires a warrior’s caring spirit–a fight on three battlegrounds of our lives: Internal, Tribal, and Cultural. Using different terms, You, Your Team and Your Organization.

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“We all work in an increasingly competitive environment, and need every edge to get ahead and stay ahead. TJ’s eloquent Caring Warrior provides a straightforward guide to more effectively engage your teams and maximize results. It’s a book you’ll want to read more than once, and to pass on to your colleagues who really care about their people. I’ve had the distinct privilege of working with TJ, and I know that what he outlines really works!”
–MM, Chief Operating Officer, UCB

The Three Battle Backgrounds



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I share my personal story of struggle and awakening. I will inspire you with stories and lessons from a variety of caring warriors. I provide insights and tools for how you can become a better version of yourself. I show you how to OWN your life.


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Fulfillment comes from helping others. On the tribal battleground, I share my leadership expertise learned not from research, but from the time in the trenches. You will read cautionary tales of poor leadership. You will also experience positive examples of influence and inspiration. You will come away with tangible suggestions and practical wisdom for how to empower heroic teams that perform, care, and support one another. I show you how to lead and influence by GIVING.


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Our families, teams, and organizations are the effect. The cause is what we individually and collectively bring to them. We must bring heart and head. People are, in general, unhappy at work, distracted, stressed, unhealthy, and overtired. There is a better way. There is a more empowering, inspiring, creative, productive, and fun way to live and work. We share the responsibility. We inspire better outcomes, not by taking, but by SHARING.

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