About T.J. Jones


TJ is a leadership crusader, author, speaker, team-builder, and coach. He has spent twenty-five years first as a teacher and coach, then twenty years as a corporate sales executive and head of training and development. He has developed his leadership and self-development expertise in the trenches. He hasn’t just studied positive influence and performance improvement but he’s lived it by hiring, training, and coaching thousands of people to greater success and fulfillment. He brings an everyman’s real world experience and positive spirit to his work.

TJ believes that caring is the heart of leadership. Caring is the answer to what we need–a new path with heart leading the way for the head. Therefore, he crusades for more caring and positive influence in individuals, teams and organizations, because, all great leaders and world-shaking movements have been inspired by deep caring and intention. And so it should be for each of us in life and at work.

TJ is a caring warrior, which means he dares to care and chooses to stand up and do something about it. His mission is to awaken, influence, and inspire a world with more caring warriors with a fighting spirit to make things better. True leaders hold themselves accountable for caring and they expect it from others. Caring is the answer.

He speaks, teaches, and coaches in a fun and highly interactive way with the intention of stirring both feeling and positive change. TJ released his book The Caring Warrior: Awaken Your Power To Lead, Influence, and Inspire in November of 2016.

TJ is a husband and father of four children. When he’s not crusading for more caring, he coaches his sons in baseball and lives an active life with his family.

Join TJ and take up the sword for better results and fulfillment in your life and in your work.

“TJ is an incredible leader and coach. He has a natural intuition about people and the ‘street smarts’ needed in business. He has the ability to inspire in the most difficult business cultures.”
–SM, Senior Sales Leader, Healthcare

Licensed to Care

T.J. is a certified expert in caring and leadership.

Marshal Goldsmith

Certified Leadership Coach
The Ken Blanchard Companies

Situational Leadership II

Certified Professional Coach
Velocity - The Conversion Company

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The Fun Dept

Certified Trainer

Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

The Warriors Creed

    • I am a caring warrior because I am awake.
    • I own my life, I give, and I share.
    • I am at war with scarcity, ignorance, injustice, and selfishness.
    • I know that my strength comes from love.
    • I choose to care although it is often not easy or convenient.
    • I can be depended upon to be strong, trustworthy, and humane.
    • I confront those who bully and mistreat other human beings.
    • I embrace fear but it will never keep me from being myself.
    • I do my best to demonstrate patience and kindness.
    • I always seek to become a better version of myself.
    • I recognize my gifts and talents and use them for good.
    • I am sensitive to the feelings of others and seek to be authentic.
    • I am grateful for what I have.
    • I always uphold integrity with myself and others.
    • I do not blame others for my disappointments.
    • I stand up for what is right.
    • I laugh, smile, and enjoy life.

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