“T.J. is an exemplary leader-teacher who brings out the best in individual’s and team’s strengths towards the achievement of corporate goals. He inspires insight into how personal and professional growth can lead to corporate success.”

Caring is good for business, teamwork, relationships, and personal well-being


AWAKEN Your Inner Warrior

  • Self-Awareness
  • Leader Behaviors
  • Action Planning

Focus on individual awareness and development. Before I can manage and lead others, I must be true to myself

  • Clarifying individual purpose
  • Heightening self-awareness
  • Enhancing self-talk/coaching
  • Skills inventory and Action Planning

Keynote presentations as catalyst for motivation and self improvement.


  • Coaching Competence
  • Develop Positive Influence
  • Emerging Leaders Program

Strong application-based program to position the value and skills of effective coaching conversations to enhance personal and business influence capabilities.

  • Spectrum of coaching conversations
  • Purposeful connections
  • Building foundation leadership skills

INSPIRE Your Culture

  • Experiential Programs
  • Intact Team-Building
  • Leadership Curriculum

Structured team programs and experiences designed to forge leadership skills.

  • Enhance the functional dynamics of teams
  • Reveal current strengths and developmental opportunities
  • Strong emphasis on sustained coaching and feedback

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