What Others Are Saying About T.J.

“We all work in an increasingly competitive environment, and need every edge to get ahead and stay ahead. TJ’s eloquent Caring Warrior provides a straightforward guide to more effectively engage your teams and maximize results. It’s a book you’ll want to read more than once, and to pass on to your colleagues who really care about their people. I’ve had the distinct privilege of working with TJ, and I know that what he outlines really works!”


Chief Operating Officer, UCB

“In The Caring Warrior, TJ brings us back to the heart of leadership–self-awareness and positive relationships rooted in caring. Read this book to learn about yourself, building effective teams and how to ignite a high-performance and fulfilling work culture.”


Executive Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker, Author

“Working with and around TJ at three different organizations over more than a decade, I have had the pleasure of observing his unique skill-sets, approaches, and professionalism. His uniqueness as a speaker, coach, and facilitator positively force individuals, small teams, and larger organizational entities to get better, improve process, and enhance professional relationships both with internal and external customers.”


President / Entrepreneur / National Sales Director, True North Pursuit

“TJ is an exemplary leader-teacher who brings out the best in individual’s and team’s strengths towards the achievement of corporate goals. He inspires insight into how personal and professional growth can lead to corporate success.”


Executive Vice President, NovaSom, Inc.

“The ability to inspire and develop productive teams is not an easy task. Tim has a sincere desire to inspire and motivate. T.J. helped turn our team around. He has a natural ability to lead and develop team and individual skills while making a learning environment fun. When he worked with our team, if he had asked, we all would have walked over hot coals.”


Healthcare Sales Professional

“T.J. is one of the best trainers I have worked with in my career. His materials and leadership development meetings are some of the very best that I have attended. I am hoping to find an opportunity to work with Tim again very soon.”


Entrepreneur, Biotech Exectutive

“T.J. is a patient listener and great communicator. He has a natural ability to help others find answers from within. He succeeds in helping others find their path. He is a great coach, mentor, and motivator.”


Account Manager

“I call T.J. a unicorn, because when I tell people of his style and personality, no one believes me. I also know in my heart that I will never find another coach and leader like T.J., and thus, he remains my unicorn. My hope is that others will use his training materials and methods to learn how to train leaders and how to build loyalty and drive in others.”


Attorney & Acute Care Hospital Specialist

“T.J. has played a key role in my development as a leader and has informed many of the decisions I’ve made throughout my career. He is an incredible sounding board who listens with genuine interest and empathy. He has helped me in all aspects of my life. He coaches the “whole person” with reverence. I would recommend T.J. to any organization or individual looking to get to the next level in business… and in life.”


Business Director

“T.J. is a tireless worker, an incredible motivator and also an innovative coach, but most importantly, he is a really wonderful person who truly has mastered the art of caring.”


Director of Marketing

“T.J. inspires! I am lucky enough to have had that opportunity with T.J. His ability to motivate teams is unparalleled. He is highly perceptive and knows when someone needs support, and when someone needs to be pushed in order to grow. His drive, creativity, and positive attitude are infectious. Working with T.J. is an experience that has effected me personally and professionally and anyone else that gets the opportunity to work with him should consider themselves lucky.”


Entrepreneur and Sales Professional

“If you are in need of leadership expertise and results that can swiftly impact the success of an entire organization, I highly recommend that you connect with Tim “T.J.” Jones! T.J. is a true leader in all aspects of life. He is an incredible person, mentor and visionary and has the amazing ability to ‘personalize’ his approach to the specific needs of individuals or organizations. What sets T.J. apart is his passion to help you surpass even your own expectations, all while achieving ultimate professional and personal fulfillment. He is unparalleled in his ability to motivate and innovate change.”


Medical Market Development

“T.J. is a consummate teacher and leader. He integrates your personal and professional development while having a lot of fun. He transformed our training department and executive leadership development curriculum. This transformation improved the overall effectiveness of our entire commercial organization. Anyone who interacts with Tim will truly benefit from his positive influence. He is a highly effective leader and will be a valuable asset to your organization.”


Clinical Specialist

“What I like most about T.J. is that he is real. He has been in the trenches of work, leadership, career change, and family, so he “gets it,” from the inside out. T.J. was instrumental in guiding me through a career change. T.J. took the fear out of venturing into a new career, and built up my confidence. He’s pretty comical too, which is nice when going through a major career and life change!”


Director of Recruitment and Development

“T.J. has had such a positive impact on my life. He is an incredible leader and relentless problem solver. He has a gift of getting the most out of anyone he comes in contact with. As a leadership coach and speaker he has a gift to help people reach their highest potential. He helped me achieve great success but more importantly he made me a better human being. Thank you Tim.”


Senior Manager, Entrepreneur

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